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Spiritual House/Business Blessings and Clearings

What is a House Blessing?

A Blessing is an ancient tradition performed by many religions and cultures in one form or another.  Its basic purpose is to bless and provide spiritual protection for a dwelling. A house blessing invites positive energy spiritual healing and purification of an important place in your life; your home, your work, your business, your car or any other place you may spend time.

Spiritual energetic house/business blessings and cleaning creates a peaceful and harmonious vibration that brings calm, joy, harmony, prosperity and comfort.

Office Clearings Blessings

Business Clearing & Blessing

Any space can be cleared and blessed.  Your business benefit greatly from clearings and blessings from this service.  An office or storefront that feels light and clear will attract more clients and encourage repeat business.  Employees and staff may become more satisfied and happier which translates into increased productivity and revenue.

When to Schedule a House/Business Blessings and Clearing

  • Clearing negative energies when you first move into a new home
  • Opening a new place of business
  • If you are just not feeling “settled” or “uncomfortable” in the space
  • If you’ve been having a lot of hard luck
  • During a transitional period in your life
  • After a long illness, death of after a divorce
  • Selling or renting real estate
  • Whenever you wish to open the door to new opportunities
Pricing:  Varies based on location, size of building and services provided.   Base price: $145

Spiritually Cleansing and Blessings

Here are the steps to clear the vibrations within a home or building.

  1. It’s always best to start with a physical clean-up. Tidying up clutter and giving the place a good dusting and mopping will go a long way to priming a residence for a spiritual energetic blessing and clearing.
  2. Next, the energy of the place itself is adjusted, first through the burning of traditional herbs and resins that are known for eliminating lower vibrations, and providing a protective boundary. White sage and candles are just two of the substances that may be burned throughout the building.
  3. Affirmations, or prayers may be said by all to facilitate the clearing and help increase the vibrational peaceful and joyful living.

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