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Why Phone Readings Are Valuable!

I wanted to reassure people that phone readings are valuable.

Many clients believe that their phone reading will be better if they have it in person.


As an intuitive Psychic Medium I do not need to touch the client or hold any personal objects, picture, jewelry, cremains, etc to connect to their loved ones. Clients believe that personal objects will bring more clarity, when in fact it is better for the sitter to be clear and open. The client will feel more relaxed knowing that the reader is not using the personal items and facial expression and body language for their benefit.facetime-2

Having a reading of spirit communication with an Intuitive Psychic Medium can be one of the most enlightening, healing and rewarding experiences of your lifetime.  I believe that my talents and gifts as an Intuitive Psychic Medium can help you to connect with loved ones; Empowers you to follow your spiritual journey; Provides strong evidence of life after death and that your deceased loved ones/pets are not gone forever, but rather, fully alive in Spirit.

A true Intuitive Psychic Medium can connect to the Spirit World without the presence of the sitter/client. It is the vibrational energy of the client and what the client wants to get out of their reading. Being clear is most important for the reader. The reader is not in control of the Spirit World, and sometimes your loved ones may not come through, but another loved one may have a message for you. That does not mean your loved have forgotten you. It may not be the right timing. Be assured that your loved ones are sending you messages, whether you smell a certain fragrance, find feathers, pennies, dimes , see animals, hear a certain song or sense they are around you.  It is important to know that they are connecting with you soul to soul at that moment is a good time to talk to them.

So getting back to phone readings, I have found over the years that I prefer phone readings to connect directly with the spirit world, guides, angels and loved ones (including your precious pets) to help clients open their hearts to endless possibilities!

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