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Benefits of a Reading with a Psychic Medium

Should I get a reading with a psychic medium?

How might a spirit communication reading benefit me?

logo-heart “Your loved ones want to talk to you as much as you want to talk to them!”logo-heart

 Having a reading of spirit communication with a psychic medium can be one of the most enlightening and rewarding experiences of your lifetime.  Judith Ann believes that her work as a psychic medium

  • Helps you connect with loved ones
  • Empowers you to follow your spiritual journey
  • Provides strong evidence of life after death and that your deceased loved ones are not gone forever, but rather, fully alive in spirit.

Often, for those who lose a loved one, it can cause you to question your own beliefs about life after death. Even for those of us who are skeptical, a reading with a psychic medium has the potential to awaken new perspectives. Connecting to your loved ones through a psychic medium can be a catalyst to your spiritual growth and open your heart to endless possibilities and heartfelt healing.

Keeping an Open Mind

It is important for you to keep an open mind during the reading. Some key things to remember:

  • Messages come in many forms – be open to receive whatever information, images, and ideas come through.
  • Trust that whoever connects with you during the reading is the best for your needs at this time.

You never know who will come through during a reading. It could be from someone you may have hardly known or have not heard from in a long time, like a second cousin or a neighbor down the street or a grandfather you never met while he was here.

In a reading I cannot choose the spirits, they choose me and will often come through, not with the message you want to hear, but one you may need to hear. Spirits can assist you, send you love and support, and even inspire you. The information you receive during a reading provides meaningful information to assist you in making your own decisions, choices and actions. They will not predict the future or instruct you on specific choices or decisions.

Pricing: 30 minute reading – $75.00   ♥   60 minute reading – $135.00

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