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Clients Share About Their Readings

 Judith Ann is warm, inviting, and truly talented at what she does.

The clarity she provided was right on target, very comforting and healing.  The accuracy Judith Ann provided would have taken me months to attain on my own. It is freeing to know that when life gets overwhelming, I have Judith Ann to turn to for intuitive guidance. I have had both in person reading and FaceTime reading and they have both been equally amazing!  ~ Steph – Atlanta Ga.

Thank you for the gift that you gave me today.  

You were so on point that I am forever grateful.  I got my granddaughter today and she has a teddy bear that she sleeps with that you mentioned in my reading.  Also the strong smell of roses and my grand daughter’s name, Aliviah Rose.  ~ SB Asheville, NC

After years of struggling with family issues and unresolved traumas,

Judith Ann was able to bring closure to these items by receiving messages from family members that had already past. Her loving gentle approach and guidance helped me to recognize I was on the right path to healing. I would recommend a session with Judith Ann whenever you are looking to clear any unresolved issue, remove negative energy, and to find a way to get “unstuck” in life. ~ LeAnn, North Carolina

Judith Ann is amazing and can really open your eyes to things that you either hadn’t seen or hadn’t considered.

  She opened up insight and provided clarity for both my daughters and myself.  Judith Ann connected with my husband through holding his watch and with deep clarity said he had stomach issues, I was puzzled. I called my husband right away and he confessed that he has been having stomach pain.

I highly recommend having a session with Judith Ann.  She will leave you with a sense of calm and understanding.  ~ TS- Asheville, NC

Judith Ann is a truly gifted psychic and healer whose work comes straight from the heart. 

She holds a sacred space with positive intention and is a clear conduit for connection with Spirit and divine guidance.  My readings with Judith Ann have always provided profoundly accurate information that assists me in connecting with a deeper understanding of my truth and the best path forward.  The guidance I’ve received during our sessions has been incredibly magical, deeply healing, and a true blessing in my life.  She is the best!  ~ Nicole – Asheville, NC

As one who gets psychic readings at least twice a year, there have been few as accurate and spot-on as Judith Ann.  

Mine was a medium session where Judith Ann immediately connected with family members describing them in detail and providing specifics that only I would understand.  After the session, I walked away with a calm, open heart and a strong affirmation of my belief system.  I highly encourage anyone to experience the warmth and talents of Judith Ann.  ~ Linda K. Hill, Charlotte, NC

Judith Ann is so AMAZING.. I love her!!

She is so on target with her readings. She blows me away. She has such a kind and tender spirit.  During my third reading with Judith Ann, my mother came through with a beautiful message for me.  A reading with Judith Ann brings peace, love, relief and a realization that our loved ones are always with us.

If you want to connect to your loved ones, it will truly bless your heart beyond belief. ~ Brian – New Orleans

Judith was amazingly accurate in her sessions with both myself and my wife.

She brought up things that are very private to us that others just could not know. She also talked about a few future events, of which, one has already come true. I highly recommend her to anyone. ~ N Vernon

I am extremely fortunate to have found Judith Ann. Being raised in the hills of Georgia, I was really skeptical of a ‘medium/psychic’.

However, I am really glad I went out on a limb to try out her services. I didn’t have any dead loved ones I wanted to talk to, but I had questions about my guides and Jesus. She told me the nature of my guides explaining so much of what has happened to me over the past several years. When I asked her about the all-time perplexing question about Jesus, she laughed, saying Jesus is Unconditional Love and I get to see the Spirit in my readings a lot. I left her 30 minute reading with more peace than I have found in a long time.

As for my friends who had loved ones who have passed, the messages were direct and unreal. I am honored to know such a special lady with an unbelievable talent. So go out on a limp, you won’t regret it! She only works in the light and will be able to guide you wherever you are at in your life! ~ Kat Roberts

My oldest daughter had a reading from Judith about a year ago. She came home and told us the gist of what she saw and our jaws dropped.

 I scheduled a reading for my other daughter and myself one weekend that we came to see my UNCA student. Her thoughts on my daughter, struggling with school decisions, were dead on! Without going into detail, Judith opened her eyes to new things and helped her broaden her mind to more options. With myself her thoughts are no less than perfect! You know, when a psychic says that your dead father is in the room, well, one tends to have more than a degree of skepticism but after no more than a minute, I knew he was there. She actually displayed some of his mannerisms and made comments that only he would have said. It was amazing!

Recently, my husband wanted a reading and was unable to make it. He’s at somewhat of a crossroads in his career, so I took his watch & went for him. Judith immediately started rubbing her stomach saying he’s in a lot of pain …. that part confused me but the rest of the reading again, dead on!!! When, I came home that night and gave him his watch back, the stomach was the first thing that I mentioned. (I knew nothing about this) He said for about a month now, his stomach has been in knots and sometimes he couldn’t sleep. All I can say is WOW!!!

Growing up in NY, my dad’s secretary had psychic abilities & every now and then we would get readings from her friends, so I have grown up with this. Since then, I have been had many reading with quite frankly a lot of quacks. FINALLY, we have found someone!!!! Judith is amazing & really can open your eyes to things that you either hadn’t seen or hadn’t considered. After a reading, there is a certain sense of calm and understanding of your life!

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