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Pure Energy Cleansing and Ring Blessing Ceremony

Try something totally out-of-the-box!

Anticipating your wedding day should be unique and expressive so why not try something totally “out-of-the-box” to make your special day that much more memorable!

Couples are starting to include non-traditional Pure Energy Cleansing and Ring Blessing in preparation for their wedding day.  It is a relatively simple and personal ritual between couples for the removal of any uncertainty and a renewal of everlasting love and commitment to each other.

Pure Energy Cleansing and Ring Blessing also beneficial for “Vow Renewal Ceremony”

Ceremonial ring blessing between two people is an amazing way to encourage positive energy with love and compassion, truth and faithfulness. It enhances a higher vibration for new beginnings. The blessing itself is a quiet, spiritual process.

Purchase the kit and conduct the ceremony yourself or ask me to facilitate it for you. It would be my pleasure to facilitate your Sacred Ring Cleansing and Blessing Ceremony.  Phone performance made easy through FaceTime!

Pricing: $49 for the Kit and $25 for Judith Ann to officiate your ceremony.

Thoughtful Gift Giving from Maid of Honor ~ Best Man ~ Bridal Party ~ Family ~ Friends

rings  Our experience with Judith Ann’s ring clearing blessing was beyond our anticipation.

The blessing of our rings was done with Judith Ann via FaceTime with my fiancee and myself. Her attention to detail with our sacred ceremonial kit and hand made items was a touching keepsake for our wedding.  We both really felt a special connection to each other and to Judith Ann during the process.  I believe this blessing helped lay a solid foundation free of any negativity for our marriage.   Jennifer – Asheville NC

Judith Ann’s sacred ring blessing ceremony was special and meaningful to both Scott and I. 

When you marry the love of your life you are suppose to get a “blessing” from your parents and with my parents already gone and Scott’s father who has passed,  The ceremony was not only special but the sacredness and beauty of the ceremony brought the love of our parents forward.  We could feel the essence of our loved ones, and we will never forget the loving experience Judith Ann has given us.   ~ Margo and Scott – Asheville NC.

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