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Smoke Billets Circle

Have fun cultivating your intuitive gifts!

Judith Ann delivers to you a way of cultivating your psychic and intuitive abilities through this technique called “Smoke Billets“.  It is a form of communication with Spirit through smoke energy work.  This technique is also called Spiritual Art, where you call on your spiritual teachers, angels, guides and loved ones to guide you to create an amazing work of art.

  • Fun to do: This easy to use tool can be utilized by anyone as a point of psychic focus.
  • Simple: It is your intuitive interpretation of images that are created on paper which has passed through a candle flame.
  • Magical and Heartfelt: When the energy pattern meets the person a synchronicity occurs. Signs become obvious, hidden thoughts or feelings are exemplified.

You will learn and apply the use of “Smoke Billets” to provide guidance and insight to your life’s circumstances.

Contact Judith Ann to schedule a “Smoke Billets” Circle at your home or office.  Have fun cultivating your intuitive gifts and explore a different approach to receiving messages from your loved ones.

Bonus Special – Group Reading!

Workshop Details

  • 2 Hour Workshop
  • Special group reading
  • Cost per person – $25.00
  • All materials supplied

 Call 828-412-0878 to schedule a Smoke Billet Circle in your area!

Smoke Billet Spiritual Art

My friends were thrilled and amazed on the clarity that Judith Ann shared.

I hosted a Smoke Billets workshop with a group of girlfriends who were interested in experiencing psychic intuitive guidance. Everyone raved about the smoke billets and how they enjoyed themselves! Each had their own intuitive experience along with taking home personal Smoke Billets art work.

Judith Ann then gave a group reading that was amazing when loved ones came through.  My friends were thrilled and amazed on the clarity that Judith Ann shared.  If you have a group of friends or coworkers who want to have an experience, rather than the run of the mill going out to eat, book Judith Ann!

-Kat, Atlanta, GA

The message she conveyed to me was in harmony with my own intuition.

Upon meeting Judith Ann I felt a feeling of comfortability, almost like she was family. Her genuine spirit was revealed upon exchanging our first few words. What my smoke billets revealed was only solidified when I spoke to her afterward the workshop. The message she conveyed to me was in harmony with my own intuition. Judith Ann is a wonderful, gifted person that I am now happy to call my friend.

Shelly  – Atlanta GA

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